Jan 18


The website will be under some minor maintenance. The Forums have temporary been shut down as we switch forum software. The donation button has been fixed. Please consider helping by making a donation. The pages to the website will be update to fit updated information. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks for visiting!

Nov 18

LiquidSmooth 3.2 Milestone

First things first yes we changed the name, we decided Official could get confusing especially for unsupported device maintainers that all of sudden started outputting official builds. People also tended to think of it as bug free which is impossible to do, so the team decided that Milestone fits better overall.

So now let me explain why there was such a large gap between the initial survey asking when you would like this release and now. It was because with the help of +Erik Müller we have successfully ported and enhanced +OmniROM’s Tinted Statusbar/Navbar which +Yanuar Harry made. Erik worked on making it fully work with Custom Statusbar colors which he ported along with out signal bar style options. We also decided to adopt a couple settings changes from +SlimRoms so accounts has its on prefrence screen and the main settings view changed a little bit nothing major.

Now to the stuff most people probably want downloads! Over the next few days MileStone builds will be made and uploaded for all the devices we have maintainers for. Once that is done we will go back through and see if we can get some of the unmaintained devices we support builds.

I also would like to do a massive shout out to all of the Team Devs, maintainers, and testers for getting LiquidSmooth this far!

Download Link:

Look here for a general changelog its been so long with so many changes since 3.1 to make one

Sep 10

LiquidSmooth Translation Updates

We have done some changes on how translations are done, mainly there are 2 projects 1 for apps and 1 for frameworks and settings.

Thanks to +Ionut Darescu we have modified the CM translation import script so every week the translations that have been done will be imported to gerrit, tested then merged. Which is far better then me manually downloading each translation and importing it to gerrit.

Both of these links are also in the pinned post

May 30

LiquidSmooth 3.0!

LiquidSmooth 3.0 Official has rolled out on our build server! We are currently working on uploading all the builds to the website. Please be patient. Thank you all for your help and support!

Apr 18

ROM Updates

Deathly has been updated to 1.4

Droid 3 will no longer be supported. Sorry!

FauxSound Support
Use a app to configure it (Kernel Tweaker does not work, but dsp manager does)
CPU Voltages adjusted so they are better and more battery friendly
f2fs FIle System Support (Useless without a custom recovery that supports it)

What is f2fs:
F2FS is a file system exploiting NAND flash memory-based storage devices, which is based on Log-structured File System (LFS). The design has been focused on addressing the fundamental issues in LFS, which are snowball effect of wandering tree and high cleaning overhead
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Mar 16

Forums Revamped

The forums have been cleaned up. All threads/post have been removed. Sorry if your post has been affected. There has been measures to stop users from spamming. Thank you for the support! Please re-register by Clicking Here.

We are asking for donations for our website server. If you can help in anyway please Click the button below to donate via PayPal. Thank you for your donations and support!

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Dec 24

Forums Fixed

The forums should now be working properly. You may post freely now. Sorry for the troubles this has caused for our users. Please PM me, jarrid42, if you see any errors on the site or any suggestions.

Stay tuned for LiquidSmooth’s Android 4.4 Kit Kat. Our dev team is working day in and day out to bring it to a public release. Please be patient. Thank you so much for all your support!

Dec 07

Down Time

Welcome back to LiquidSmooth! Sorry for the down time. We had lost our last host. We are back online for good. I am working on getting the ROMs upload to the server. The pages will be added as they are made. Please bare with me! You can still download the ROM for your device on the drdevs build server.

Thank you for your patience. Please consider donating via PayPal on the left menu to help pay for web hosting cost, domain, build server. Thank you for all you do to help!

Thank you,
LiquidSmooth Team